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Monday, July 24, 2006

High-muck-a-mucking & Big Wheelies

Current mood: Unusually circumspect

As i sit down to write this, a thought just struck me. It seems a little self important & pointless to post a regular blog about yourself ("yes it does Mr. Jon, but we love you anyway"), when my most important contributuion to the world has been the insides of my bladder and bowels (contributed to the toilet and British sewerage system, at least, not the whole world, but toilets do exist within this world, ahh).
Especially when there are more interestingly funny bloggers out there:
Or bloggers in grave situations, that could do with being heard about:
Or bloggers with jobs of exasperating substance:
But, of course, now I realise, I am great and skill and ace and ample (the thesaurus said so), so no wonder you all hang on my every word. I will not let you down, every tiny twittering detail of my sad, drunken life shall be yours in time, my children.

Currently listening : Little Lights By Kate Rusby


Anonymous Eyun said...

What's this Jon? Showing good moral judgement in public?? Will the lions lie with the antelope tonight? Will it start raining frogs? IS IT THE END??!!!

Well said though, and I agree. I'll still keep reading your drunky thoughts though xxx

11:37 am


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