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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Takes One To Know One

A superior evening's avid televidi-ing threw up a large arousal of precious wisdom pearls: 'Dragon's Den' took us "from Hot Jerk Sauce..." (some kind of masturbatory porn?) "... to a children's school" and from then on I couldn't rip my bleeding eyes from the screen.

Next up was 'Freaky Eaters', where we met Debbie, a regular at the Kensington Groin Club. The matronly presenter informed us that she "looks good from the front, but go round the back & it's all scaffolding & plywood. Debbie's façade is already showing signs of wear & tear". Her friends like to think of her "sucking the bone" (provided by KFC) at her local pub, (wait for it) 'The Cock'!!! Her favourite tipple can be supped directly from The Cock. She loves The Cock. Whenever she feels lonely, she dives straight for The Cock. She can't keep away from The Cock. She likes nothing better than to spend all day slurping at The Cock. Ahh, hours of fun.

I have run out of cock material, so I will just leave you with a thought provoking exchange from the closing minutes of this insightful piece of theatre:

"I'm just going to turn your dough out for you. You can be quite firm with it. You're in control of what you put in your body."

"She ain't got a scoobie."

Apologies for the substandard quality of this particular blog, but I have been ordered to finish it in time for lunch and my deadline is fast approaching. So there.


Blogger Si said...

Ah, but who gave you the deadline? Credit where credit's due! (wasn't me tho)

Nice 'Cock' action, BTW.

11:53 am

Blogger Jennie-Dee said...

Nice cock (jokes). Apologies for imposing and scuppering the deadline. Next time I will leave you to your cock (jokes) in private.

2:11 pm

Blogger AlphIANo said...

Wow, more cocks than I've seen in a while, almost too many to handle! (this truly is the blog that keeps on giving... cock)

3:38 pm


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