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Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Pity The Fool

Welcome, my poor aphrilophobes to your very own day, I now count myself as one of your number. I have had a very frustrating morning hunting the gowk, and after two & a half hours of hair-ripping, speed-dialling & stress-clicking I was confronted by the horrifying message: "Glastonbury Tickets Sold Out".


I frantically checked my back for fish, but alas & alack, it was no April fool. Shirley Bassey will not be mine. Le Poisson d'Avril has foiled my festival dreams. My new status, conferred upon me just last night by a presumably disreputable internet site, as a Visionary Philosopher has proven itself to be of no help whatsoever. I will just have to console myself with my miniature raspberry fool style dessert for one and a plastic spoon.

Currently listening: Mr T's theme song, 'I Pity The Fool' by David Bowie, amongst other 'Fool' songs by such diverse acts as Cat Power, Deep Purple, Roxette & the humble Shakira.


Blogger Jennie-Dee said...

C'mon, it's nearly lunchtime, and I need entertaining!

12:05 pm


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