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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ode to Milk

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I stayed over at my parents yesterday and, though I enjoyed a deliciously free meal, I spent the night in a house filled with two dogs and my mum's 'sorry you are leaving the NHS' flowers, all of which I am allergic to. So through my sore eyes and swollen fingers I will attempt to bring you my sneezy thoughts on the events of the moment.

Yesterday was not a good day for political leaders it seems. Thailand's Prime Minister was deposed by a military coup while he popped out of the country for a bit, Ming Campbell got his facts wrong as good old drunky Charley K got at least two standing ovations, and ...

Hungary For the Truth, Ho!

"...we lied morning, noon and night."
"...we have screwed up. Not a little, but a lot."
"It was perfectly clear that what we were saying was not true ..."

A bit of refreshing honesty from the Hungarian Prime Minister there, but do the people appreciate it? Judging by the rioting that followed, apparently no, they do not. What kind of message does that send to smiley Tony Blair, his grovelling underlings and the rest of the snivelling British politicians? Well, one of two things, I guess:
1. Keep lying, but never admit it, even when Jeremy Paxman's shoving red hot needles under your fingernails;
2. Don't tell naughty fibs in the first place, oops, might be a bit late for that one.

Though, I think the main reason for the Hungarians' anger wasn't that the government admitted their untruths, more that those falsehoods were used to trick them into voting their smug liar of a Prime Minister back into power earlier this year. Hang on, that sounds familiar ...
Hmmm, George W Bush & Tony Blair: Smug? Check. Liars? Check. Back in power? Check.

Let the riots begin.

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