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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Revenge of the Blini

Current mood: desperately hungover

The carnival has ended, but the despair continues. I awoke this afternoon with what felt like a troupe of morbidly obese gnomes tap-dancing on my forehead, partly because I didn't get home till the bastard birds had already started singing their tunes of misery, but mainly due to ingesting large quantities of the chef's patented hot chocolatey cointreau fluid. This concoction was described by some as 'sex in a mug', a slightly unwanted insight into their sex lives, I felt. I would have thought that having sex in a mug is quite a claustrophobic experience, and not one I would be that keen to embark on, or taste in a liquid form, no matter how adventurous my mind erroneously tells me that I am.

It ended up being quite an eventful evening. Lots of musical cheese, oodles of mum-made tasty treats, ongoing reports of stabbings and beatings and such like, long in-depth chats (much as I like to revel in my own shallowness), many idiot customers, many idiot would-be customers, much booze and jollity. In fact an excess of pretty much everything except common sense and free money (bloody coin-teasers).

Even after all that I was still evilly tempted down the pub after work tonight ... alcoholism beckons.

Currently listening: Golden Ocean by 50 Foot Wave


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