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Thursday, August 10, 2006

What I Did On My Holidays And Ting

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After barely recovering from my birthday (apple-smoky-karaoke-cheese-really-quite-drunky-nearly-quite-vomity) celebrations it was time to be whisked off to Devon for a few days of Sidmouth Folk Week. One long roller coaster of clotted cream teas, crab sandwiches, homity pie, real ale, very tiny old ladies strapped into their huge accordions and sand-in-your-pants fun. One of my discoveries was the Scottish-Gaelic Julie Fowlis (Winner of a BBC Radio 3 Folk Award, so ok the BBC discovered her first) who put on a bloody good show with her band, including John McCusker (Kate Rusby's husband, which reminds me: Ronan Sodding Keating. First he tries to ruin Kate Rusby by forcing her to duet with him. I said duet. Then murders a perfectly harmless Goo Goo Dolls song. This man(?) must be stopped before he inherits the throne of Ireland from Dana and tries to take over the world, shaping it into his evil, mumsy image whilst still keeping on the right side of Granny...breathe) on violin & a funny Irishman worried that the Scottish contingent would beat him up backstage (I think I could nominate another funny little Irishman more deserving of a beating...breathe). I Missed out on Eliza Carthy after queuing for half an hour as they let in all the season ticket holders first (damn you organised people of the world), but managed to catch her Dad's show just down the road. Which I like to think was both better and shorter, so more time for clotted cream fun before the evening show at the Ham, 'Chris Wood & Friends' (ooh he's got a lot of friends). Then, today, it's back to the alcoholics and spam-faced children of the New Forest, though to be fair there's plenty of them in Sidmouth too, it's just easier to ignore when they're just a passing curiosity rather than in-your-arsing-face reality. Next stop 'Beautiful Days'. Sweet dreams.
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