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Friday, June 29, 2007

We've Come a Long Way, Baby

Ah, Tony's finally gone, amid scenes of apocalyptic flooding and plagues of political & journalistic locusts swarming around his decaying reputation. He always seemed to me to have more in common with Cliff Richard than a great world leader. His hideous taste in shorts, unnaturally white grin, constantly licky-licking God's bum and his dodgy obsession with cabin boys.

And on that note, what HAS Sue Barker done to her hair? Hoorah, it's tennis time. A time to drench your strawberries in Pimms; a time to smother your thighs (or Sue Barker's) in cream; a time to inhale your last fag-whisp of freedom; a time to vicariously experience Glastonbury through the medium of mud & sweat; a time to mourn the (hopefully temporary) passing of Fopp; a time to vote Billy out of Big Brother. You know it makes sense.

Brian to win! Dip dee Bo Bo!

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Blogger Jennie-Dee said...

Tennis time is long gone, as is Billi. Time to vote for Ziggy to make a fool of himself and for you to get off your blogging ass and entertain the masses. C'mon!!

3:19 pm


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