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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fear & Loathing in Las Ringwood (The Aftermath & Escape)

Current mood: twitchy

After a long weekend filled with stress and unbridled mania it was off to oily London again for a final bout of TWTTIN before mass psychological meltdown occurred. On arrival a wave of nervous exhaustion released itself, and was then suppressed by the effortless act of stepping off the coach into a world of free newspapers, glistening queues, magical Oyster cards, sparklingly grubby pavements and marvellous Marks & Sparks Simply Foods. Dazzled by the wonders of the sticky capital, aimless wandering ensued until we happened upon Mr Hockey and his shin bandanas, revealing a provocative flash of lower leg. Beer was found, no stalking opportunities presented themselves, noises were made and fun was had by all, dropouts notwithstanding.
On the way home, a close encounter with the strobing lights of the Heathrow tunnel prompted bizarre hallucinations, not helped by the dizzily entrancing spinning radar dish thingy. A crying baby broke the spell and exhaustion returned, readying me to face the evils of the 'wood once again.

Currently listening: Paus by Paus


Blogger Andy said...

Shin Bandans are cool
Which, I think is the point!

5:58 pm

Blogger Andy said...

OK OK, they might be cool but they were cooling, which was a bonus when stuck in a hall that was hotter than a hot thing.

6:01 pm

Blogger Jenniedee said...

Sounds like mucho-fun. I'd far rather have been stomping the chewing gum infested streets of ye olde london than spending a day with Perky and Word...

Love the illustration!

6:17 pm


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