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Monday, January 01, 2007

Ou Est Le Skag Bag? (Well, Hello There 2007)

The first five hours of the spanky new year were spent in the usual drink-fuelled frenzy, with apricot flavoured smoke, screams of joyful delight, sweaty breast stains and sparkly disco lights filling the air.

The next eight hours were spent in various stages of fitful and distressed sleep, with mucous and despair my only friends. Only then did I emerge from my smelly chrysalis, blinking behind my oversized Bulgarian sunglasses, into the afternoon's dull light.

The next few hours were spent in a hazy fug, suppressing the overwhelming urge to hibernate. My flagging spirits were only lifted by a fortuitous turkey stew and the mind-numbing magic picture box in the corner of my cell.

Happy New Yeaurgh...

Currently listening to this pressie: All Maps Welcome by Tom McRae


Blogger AlphIANo said...

Is it possible you drank so much alky-hol you've turned neon blue? Blimey!

Good prezzie to listen to though, let Mr Tom rub your soul better.

Happy New Year (again) xxxx

8:06 pm


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