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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Where's Wallace?

Ok, so Mac's back, but where the bloody hell did Wallace go? Come on Miss Veronica Mars, solve that mystery!

As you can see ideas are a little thin on the ground this time of year. A new month has obviously not brought a new well spring of inspiration. My brain has been drained by a bladder straining 5 hour Battlestar Galactica marathon, followed by an exhausting round of Poker and Hide-The-Poof.

So, hmm, in the absence of anything better to do, howzabout some Fabulous Fun Facts For February?

Twenty three years ago, on this very day, the death warrant was signed for our beloved halfpenny coin, ahh. I remember toddling round Key Markets with my brand spanky calculator in hand, adding up the shopping, trying to work out why there wasn't a ½ button. So, being the delightful, angelic child that I was, I helpfully removed any items from my mother's trolley that had that naughty, little ½p at the end.

February was the last month to be thought up by those pesky Romans. They weren't that keen on winter and left a gaping hole between the tenth month of the year, December, and the first, March. 'Twas named after a little shindig they had called 'Februa', derived from the Latin for purification. In good old Anglo Saxon days, we called it 'the month of mud', or sometimes 'the cabbage month'. The Islamic month of Safar begins in a couple of weeks, which means 'the void month', and in the French Revolutionary calendar most of February was named 'Pluviôse', meaning 'rainy'. Very fitting names for the shortest & shittiest lunarish cycle of the year. Roll on August (I recommend 'Pigeon Pure Silk Antiperspirant', with pure almond oil, Vitamin E and intensive moisturisers for multi-active protection of your skin and excessive underarm hair).

Curently listening: Wincing the Night Away by The Shins


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Blogger Jenniedee said...

Good grief... you do attract alot of spam, don't you?!

And now you happen to mention it, I remember Key Market too, but do YOU remember Presto?

1:24 pm


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