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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Holy Roman Empire, Bowieman! Was that strictly necessary?

This is 2007. And this is Davey, the mild mannered sexagenarian who leads an exciting double life. For when Davey holds a microphone, an amazing transformation occurs. Davey is Bowieman. Ever alert for the call to action.

"Halt, foul creature!" booms the voice of guitar toting superhero Ziggy Stardust. The music critic barely has time to turn his head before his typing fingers are severed from his hands by the razor sharp strings. The bumbling sidekick, Aladdin Sane, turns up just in time to shout, "Beware! My face tattoo is like a shield of steel!” Ziggy walks past, gives him a slap, boards his Spidermobile and races off to see his boss, the enigmatic Thin White Duke.

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Blogger AlphIANo said...

Is that picture entirely necessary, or are you trying to combat my Dalton Assault with your own warped images of depravity?

Nice references though xxx

5:41 pm


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