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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not The Snaquarium

A new era has begun. After previously dwelling in the habitats of 'El Swanko' and 'Le Flat Magique', the occasion of inaugurating a new flatmate demands a new flat name. As with prior naming ceremonies, many monikers were suggested and then mercilessly tossed into the epithet abyss. 'Spangly Hole/Hovel/Towers', 'Chateau Chapeau/Hat Flat' and variations thereof were summarily dismissed. After a short dalliance with 'Boris', we finally settled on the nomme d'appartement 'Stephen, the flat'.

The first 24 hours of the age of Steve, as we haven't so far liked to call it, included an amount of humping wardrobes with smirking onlookers, a hissy fit at pub, pre splishy-splashy Sainsbury's trolley based injuries, being threatened with sequined throws & glittery furnishings and cheese related Tupperware friction. Welcome to paradise.


Blogger AlphIANo said...

Remember the rules of tupperware:

Never get it wet.
Never expose it bright light.
Never feed it after midnight (which could be problematic since you'll be putting food in it).


12:18 am

Blogger Jenniedee said...

We'll see...

Oh yeah, is is Stephen or Hubert Cumberdale? We'll discuss this later.

12:42 pm


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