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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Even More Delicious! (The Cold, Dead Eyes of a Pop Star)

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I've just heard on the Radio 1 (yes, I know, I know) news today that smug-eared boy band Five are getting back together, and not just to gaze at each other longingly, but to actually inflict what they misleadingly call music on our innocent ears. Though, apparently it's only four of them, I wonder how many focus groups it'll take to come up with a new name for the group, what a conundrum. What is going on? First Take that, then All Saints, now this. At least they're all gathered in one place and not littering the charts with their rubbish solo singles.

I'm all for a bit of mindless cheese-noise, but surely the only people that can squeeze any drops of joy from this are the grey-suited marketing men, the nostalgic pant-wetters and the idle "singers" wanting to make a bit of quick cash from their vaguely blemish-free faces and what meagre talents they can scrape together from the dregs of their vomit.

I'm holding out for a Kids Incorporated reunion with the legendary Martika and Fergie "I Ain't No London Bridge Girl" Black-Eyed-Pea. La la la.

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Blogger Jenniedee said...

NO! To Five et all!!
YES!! To more illustrations from you!!!

12:44 pm


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