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Friday, September 29, 2006

Mad Lizzie

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I went to Bournemouth to see the Queen, or at least 'The Queen', with my Mum last night. It was my first cinematic experience for quite some time, the first since Johnny & his pirate chums, in fact. Despite being a bit of a lefty (something the Labour Party can hardly claim anymore) I'm not a natural republican. I have a strange soft spot (somewhere behind my left knee) for the inbred, big-eared, becrowned poshos and their position in the wildly unfair, but uncomfortably comforting social structure of the country. Maybe it's a sense of history, or wistful nostalgia for a time I don't remember, or even just so there's someone to poke fun at when you're bored with ridiculing politicians on satirical, news-based panel shows, but it's nice to know the Royal Family are there, having affairs and watching Eastenders in their magical floating castles.
Anyway, back to the film. It really puts the uncontrolled mass hysteria that took over the entire country in the wake of Diana's death into perspective. It really does seems odd in the cold light of today, though as time goes on, we are still steadily becoming a more and more emotional race. Even I was caught up in it, though that was mainly the fault of my then girlfriend, bringing a bloody portable telly to a camping trip at Corfe Castle so we could blub along with the funeral. I never thought I'd have that much in common with the Queen (or the fictional representation of her), but I too miss the trusty British stiff upper lip and dignified reserve we used to exude to the world. Now we're derided as a nation of vapid celebrities and football hooligans, led by an impotent wannabe president, and deservedly so.
I've come to the conclusion that emotions are entirely overrated. Especially if they're spilling out all over the place, getting everyone's feet wet, so they slip over, causing even greater wailing and gnashing of teeth from the snivelling, neurotic source of the sentimental fallout.
Oh, and just so you know, the film was neato.

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