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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Misery is (a Cigar Called) Ankylosing Spondylitis

Current mood: pained

Okay, so I haven't actually acquired the Pharaoh's curse overnight, but I do now have a loud, spasmodically erupting pain in my lower back (they can be nasty them spasms). This occurred the morning after an evening's unscheduled lifting. In other dreaded words, exercise! Take heed of my warnings, dear reader, aerobics is a virulent disease.

I had never known that back muscles were so utilised in the action of turning over in bed. Or futon, as that is what I sleep on (or try to). Futon's are supposedly good for your back, but only, it seems, if your back is good to begin with, ow.

After spending a couple of days waddling around like a bottom heavy Barbara Windsor my mode of movement has now, apparently, transformed into a kind of sub Liam Gallagher swagger. The pain is currently fading slowly, but I know that come tomorrow the mythical Pharaoh of the morning will have his revenge and I'll be firmly set in my old-lady-hunchback-stance ways once more.

Currently listening: Nashville by Josh Rouse


Blogger Jenniedee said...

Try some Deep Heat, haven't you seen those adverts for a warm, sticky patch?

5:01 pm


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