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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trick or Treat

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Sitting by the window in the pub last night, I couldn't help but notice the screams of the local alcoholics and attendant chavs, emanating from behind the tourist information centre. The night air was filled with the sounds of breaking glass, vomiting and incessant howling at the moon.

Working in an off-license, as I do, brings you into contact with the aforementioned dregs of society on a regular basis; however I still find the media's increasing hysteria over the rise of chav culture hard to fathom. Kids have been hanging around on street corners, making a nuisance of themselves for as long as I can remember, and presumably a lot longer. Now we have the useful terms 'Asbo' and 'hoodie' to focus our fears and hatred on.

I always thought there were several hoodies living in my wardrobe, hiding away from the hostile world outside, ready for action when the weather gets a little colder. Now I find that if that were true I would be most likely charged with kidnapping, or at the very least receive an award from the Daily Mail for keeping these tiny evil-doers off the streets.

I am not sure it's entirely helpful to categorise an entire generation in such a negative way based on a fashion choice. All this achieves is the blanket criminalisation of our bored children (ordinarily a good thing since, as we know, all children are evil, what was my point again?), much like the recent public perception of the assortment of Muslim veils. Don't get me started on that overcooked root vegetable.

I know I was supposed to write about my day, but I was stuck at work for 13 hours of it, surrounded by booze that I could not drink and customers that I could not hit. Well, soon this will all be history and I can look back on it with just a small amount of loathing & despair.

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