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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Guidos & Dolls

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A few days ago, in commemoration of the 401st anniversary of an unsuccessful jiggery-pokering with the British system of government, I journeyed to the far reaches of Bisterne village to witness a ritual burning organised by my misocapnic friend. We travelled many yards, hauling a vast array of premium ales & ciders over the fields & meadows. Finally we reached our blazing destination, after wading through the throngs of pitchfok-wielding locals, all residing at either end of the spectrum of age, none in-between saving the interlopers, us. As the nearly dead & barely alive audience alternately toasted either side of their crispy, wrinkling faces we oohed & ahed at the explosive metaphors of parliamentary fireworks in wonder.

I have heard that American audiences were appalled, or at least filled with incomprehension at the British public's behaviour, cheering on the destruction of the Houses of Parliament in cinemas around the country during the film 'V for Vendetta'. I like to think it shows a healthy, democratic & cynical patriotism. Leaders, traditions & rituals are important, but not infallible or past the judgement of ordinary citizens, they draw their power from the will of the people. So on that note I think it's highly justified that I took great pleasure in imagining Tony Blair & David Cameron's smugly screaming visages melting in the crackling flames of the bonfire, leaving only ashes and sweet anarchy behind.

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Blogger AlphIANo said...

Hear hear! And while we're at it there's nothing wrong with locking a young girl up for months, shaving her head and torturing her mercilessly, only to top it off with an "only joking!".

10:45 pm


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