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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where The Hell Is Mac?

Current mood: wistful

Two earth-shattering events this week:

1. Ooh ooh, I'm reliably informed that the strangely absent Mac returns in a blaze of glory to the next exciting instalment of 'Veronica Mars', about sodding time.


2. The relentless march of time cannot be ignored. As of this moment the Ringwood Christmas lights have been strung up like a colourful noose around the town's fat neck. I discovered this in my pyjamas, sipping my morning (well, afternoon) mug of tea, as a strange, dribbly-bearded man appeared at the window with a length of cable, a handful of bulbs and a beguiling smile.

If only we could go back to the ancient, local tradition instead, whereby the town trolls are strung up by their throats, suspended over the high street and connected to the power grid, pumping 240 volts through their spines, sparks of light blinking in time with their howls. Then the children gleefully take their specially decorated buckets with which to catch the fruits of thievery and used condoms that fall from the ne'er-do-wells' stained pockets. Ah, the good old days.

Well, I can deny it no longer. A brace of wet dogs are all up in my face, I have received the three-figure invoice from the Ringwood Chamber of Commerce for one soggy, moth-eaten, five inch fir tree to be tethered outside the shop for a month. Yes, 'tis the season to spend lolly! On Lego Britneys, Belgian mambo CDs & plum stretching equipment. Merry bloody November!

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Blogger AlphIANo said...

What about Piz? And every other bloody main cast member of 'Veronica Mars' that isn't 'Veronica Mars'? And more importantly, who cares when it's almost Heroes Day?!!

What tree?

10:42 pm


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